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The Managing Member of Rhinebeck Fund, LLC is Red Owl Policy Management, LLC (Red Owl) which has three individual members.

Alex Sirotkin, JD, CEO, Red Owl

Alex Sirotkin is a graduate of the University of Pennsylvania and Boston College Law School. He practiced law for eight years, after which he owned and managed various businesses. Alex became familiar with Life Settlements in the 1990s through two successful policy sales he facilitated as his family’s attorney. He and Erez Rotem (see below) first worked together in the context of a 2003 policy sale on behalf of the Sirotkin family trust. Thereafter, in 2004, the two established a national Life Settlement brokerage company, representing Policyholders, and their agents and advisors in the life insurance secondary market. In 2011, they created the Rhinebeck Fund in coordination with their corporate attorney Kurt Olender (see below) who joined with them as a member of Red Owl.

Erez Rotem, LUTCF, President, Red Owl

Erez Rotem received his BA degree from SUNY at Stony Brook and his master’s degree from Long Island University. He worked in financial services for eight years at Met Life, where he became a valued producer for high net worth clients. It is in this context that, in 2002, he met Alex Sirotkin, and Alex’s father.

Alex retained Erez in 2003 to represent the Sirotkin family trust as Broker in the sale of a life insurance policy on the life of Alex’s father. After the successful completion of this transaction, Erez and Alex teamed up to form a national Life Settlement brokerage. Erez, as President of this brokerage, was responsible for its day-to-day operations, and credited with its growth and success. Erez and Alex, along with corporate counsel Kurt Olender, established Rhinebeck Fund in 2011.

Kurt Olender, Esquire, Member, Red Owl

Kurt Olender is the founding and managing partner of OlenderFeldman LLP, a boutique full-service corporate law firm. Kurt is a serial entrepreneur and has been a founder as well as investor in numerous companies in a multitude of industries.