Important Features

Important Features

Important Features

Non-correlated investment.

The Fund’s performance is non-correlated to the stock or real estate markets. Our acquisition model does not change due to performance changes in these markets. 

Few moving parts.

The fund operates with minimal overhead and without a salaried staff. Our stock-in-trade is our knowhow, experience, connections, and attention to detail. Our model is easily scalable without much additional labor or cost.

Death is the greatest uncertainty in this investment model.

Regrettably, death is unavoidable. So, while the longevity of the Insured is the greatest risk inherent in this investment, death happens sooner or later.

Our Investment Model is designed to be conservative.

The Investment Model seeks an upside while mitigating the potential downside. Please consult with the Manager for more information on Rhinebeck Fund’s proprietary investment model.

We, as members of the Manager, are also among the largest Investors.

We are motivated to make the best investment decisions for the good of the Investors because we ourselves are Investors. We’ve been investing in our own Fund since its inception in 2011 and will continue to invest alongside other Investors.

The Manager is paid only upon success.

For policies acquired in 2023 and beyond, the Manager is compensated only if the IRR% of a policy exceeds 10%. The Manager is paid no salary and is not reimbursed for overhead.

Investments may be made by your IRA or ROTH.

Rhinebeck Fund is approved by a licensed IRA custodian and hence Investors may invest through this channel. 

Stability of the primary market – life insurance companies.

Rhinebeck Fund invests in the contractual obligations of highly rated life insurance companies. The life insurance industry itself is highly regulated, with mandated reserve requirements.